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CoMutiny is a location independent, ‘hacker activist’ led organisation, working with new, existing or loosely formed communities & companies, wherever they are situated. We work on projects with engagement and disruption at their heart, characterised by interaction, disruption and innovation. These often involve a series of collaborators, who might not usually otherwise engage in these projects, use tech or data well or even have never been part of a community as well as seasoned professionals.

CoMutineers come together to collaborate in projects that discover, develop and enhance social outcomes and skills through the hacker ethos, whether for community, commercial or creative ends. We produce content and applications for organisations as well as a variety of collaborative projects in the Arts and 3rd Sector. We offer consultancy or a spare pair of hands and tailor programmes to your individual needs.


REBEL LABS is committed to creating meaningful learning and engagement opportunities that are accessible for absolutely everyone. In particular, we are passionate about helping individuals, communities and organisations understand how they can harness the potential of digital to improve and power up their lives; from their career prospects, to their understanding of key societal concerns to their confidence and personal wellbeing.

REBEL MAKERS is a network of peer-to-peer making clubs for everyone who is interested in technology – regardless of age or ability. At our Clubs, Rebels get together to share existing knowledge and learn new skills in a fun, safe and collaborative environment, exploring anything and everything from electronics and programmable hardware, through to writing code, design, and media production.

The Carbon Guilt exchange enables ordinary citizens who want to do more to positively impact their carbon footprint, to invest in grass roots carbon zero or better projects, to find community and to empower themselves to do more. All projects aim to help the environment, individuals and communities connect and gain support, whilst creating hints and tips about what has worked for them, how they can support each other and the wider world.

What we do


Corporate & promotional film
Visual & special effects
Livestreaming events
360° and aerial video


Copywriting & editing
Graphic & print design
Experience & training days


Web design & development
Mobile design & development
Technical audits
Virtual & augmented reality


Web design & development
Mobile design & development
Technical audits
Virtual & augmented reality

Our clients

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Scotland Office:
Croft 22
22 Kirkibost
Great Bernera
Outer Hebrides

England Office:
Unit 16, 57 Frederick St
Jewellery Quarter
B1 3HS

Contact: Julia Higginbottom